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MMCSoft is a group of professional image analysis and archiving software developers and microscope camera manufacturers based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Our team consists of experienced professionals in this interesting area allocated in between programming, medicine, materials science, and industrial practice called image analysis. Image analysis can be applied to virtually any human activity where decisions are made based on visual properties of the objects to be analyzed. Our goal is to provide optimal and most user friendly solutions to different image analysis related tasks and to set up most comfortable conditions of cooperation to our distributors. That’s why we gathered this team of people who really are in love with this complicated and creative task: development of image analysis algorithms.
MMCSoft has implemented a universal database for archiving of images, video and any related documents MultiMedia Catalog, multipurpose image analyzer MMC MultiMeter - software for object detection, classification and statistical treatment; several dedicated projects: MMC Sperm - software for sperm analysis, MMC FISH – software for easy automation of cytogenetic FISH technique. In the future, we plan to continuously add products to our specialized software palette for the use in medicine, materials science, machine vision.
MMCSoft also pays high attention to selection of most suitable hardware to complete our image analysis systems (cameras, microscopes etc.). We produce a complete line of professional digital microscope cameras based on carefully selected CMOS and CCD sensors made by the best manufacturers.
Working with MMCSoft, you can count on creative approach, attention to your problems and motivation for perfect results. We do our best to provide information and technical support, warranty and post-warranty services. Since optimal solutions are born in practice only, we try always to stay in close contact to our users and distributors to complete and improve our systems. The development of our projects is never finished and we are always open to fruitful suggestions and changes.
Waiting for you and ready for cooperation!
  • Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 from all of us here at MMC Soft!!!
    Happy New Year 2020
  • New video guide on how to assemble and set up a compound biological microscope for sperm analysis. Includes instructions on Kohler illumination setup and negative phase contrast adjustments. You are welcome to watch other videos on our YouTube channel.

  • Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for the coming New Year!
  • New tool in MMC MultiMeter software for microscope and machine vision: concentration of objects considering counting chamber depth, medium density, object density represented in selected units of measure (gram per ton, gram per kilogram etc.).
  • Detailed article on how to select microscope, digital camera and PC for MMC Sperm software. Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis systems based on microscope, digital camera and PC software provide many advantages against "boxed" solutions being flexible, affordable and scalable. However, some requirements should be considered. This article will help you with selection of best fitting components.
  • Since 2012 sperm analyzer MMC Sperm has been successfully used by Belarusian State Academy of Agriculture for analysis of sturgeon sperm and supporting artificial reproduction. Check out new video with Siberian sturgeon sperm analysis. The purpose of the study was to establish optimal sperm dilution factor that would increase the total time of short-term storage of sturgeon sperm without using cryopreservation.
  • New function in all MMC software: sending e-mails with attachments directly from our database. One may think, they are reinventing the wheel )) But wait and have a look into some details:

    - Select any number of images, video or documents from current database record to be attached to your e-mail.
    - Retrieve e-mail addresses from selected field (all the addresses found in the field will be recognized automatically).
    - Retrieve e-mail subject from selected field.
    - Retrieve e-mail text from selected field.

    With new e-mail sending function you can generate and send an e-mail with analysis results with just several mouse clicks!

    Please be sure to find out SMTP server, port, mail account login and password from your mail service provider.
    Ask for updates.
  • Marry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here at MMCSoft!!!
  • We have moved to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0! Before installation or update of our image analysis software and databases, please install .NET Framework 4.0 using our Download page. If you encounter any problems, please contact us, we are always ready to help you!
  • Recently we have tested a new contrasting method in application to CASA-based sperm analysis: Differential Interference Contrast. It provides interesting results for visual analysis of internal sperm structures, some modes seem to feet MMC Sperm CASA very well. DIC is an advanced and therefore expensive method. CASA with DIC could be recommended for research labs, advanced IVF clinics, and for keen enthusiasts.
    Devices used:
    Transmitted light trinocular microscope with DIC
    MMC-31C12-M digital USB camera
    MMC Sperm CASA
    MMC-SK sperm counting chamber

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